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Cocalico Biologicals, Inc. can accommodate projects involving one animal or large scale-up projects. We strictly follow investigator supplied production protocols. If one is not provided, we will design a program appropriate for the specific antigen. Our standard protocol is as follows:

Day 0 - Prebleed/Initial Inoculation
Day 14 - Boost
Day 21 - Boost
Day 35 - Test Bleed
Day 49 - Boost
Day 56 - Test Bleed

Additional boosts and bleeds are scheduled based upon assay results when using this standard protocol. We must be advised how to proceed after the completion of the assays. The animals are maintained without undergoing additional procedures until we are contacted by the investigator or unless previous arrangements have been made.

The appropriate dose of antigen will vary for each species. Using rabbits as the example, our standard protocol has been successfully performed using a minimum of 100ug antigen (protein) up to a maximum of 500ug (peptides) mixed with Complete Freund's Adjuvant for the initial inoculation and a minimum of 50ug antigen (protein) up to a maximum of 250ug (peptides) mixed with Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant for the boosters. The route of injection is normally subcutaneous and/or intramuscularly at multiple sites. Other protocols, dosages and routes of injection may be suggested for different antigens.

Antigens may be supplied in various forms including liquid, lyophilized, in polyacrylamide gels, as a precipitate or on nitrocellulose membranes. There is no way to know which form will be the best for producing the antibody. We suggest using the form that is the easiest to prepare and gives you the highest purity of antigen. If the antigen is a non-antigenic hapten or of low molecular weight it should be conjugated to a carrier such as KLH, BSA, ovalbumin or thyroglobulin. Cocalico Biologicals, Inc. will do the conjugation for an additional fee of $185.00/peptide. The concentration of the antigen supplied should be indicated so that the material can be aliquoted for injection.

Evaluations of the test and production bleeds are normally made by the customer unless otherwise arranged. Cocalico Biologicals, Inc. will perform an Elisa Assay for an additional fee of $60.00 per bleed. We need a minimum of 200ug of a soluble antigen to perform the Elisa. All sera is shipped as frozen on dry ice unless otherwise requested.

All projects are held in strict confidence and Cocalico Biologicals, Inc. will enter into confidentiality agreements upon request.

Our custom antisera production service is extremely competitive. Cost estimates for some species on a typical 91 day production schedule are as follows:

  • Mouse $201.95 /each (includes ~0.5 ml sera)
  • Rat $236.40 /each (includes ~6 ml sera)
  • Guinea Pig $236.00 /each (includes ~15 ml sera)
  • Chicken $308.00 /each (includes ~50 ml sera; additional cost for egg yolks and IgY purification)
  • Rabbit $415.00 /each (includes ~100 ml sera)
  • Goat $1,379.00 /each (includes ~900 ml sera)

These prices include the cost of the host species, daily care and maintenance for 91 days, 1 prebleed, 5 inoculations, 2 test bleeds, the volume of sera listed above and the disposal charge. Freight charges are not included.

Please call for a quotation on your specific project. Quotations will include the following items as they apply:

  • Initial cost of host species
  • Per diem charge
  • Prebleeds/test bleeds
  • Inoculations
  • Production bleeds/ exsanguinations
  • Plasmaphoresis
  • Special injections (i.e., Lymph nodes, intrasplenic)
  • Conjugation of antigen
  • Evaluation of antisera by Elisa assay
  • Fractionation of antisera
  • Affinity purification of antibody
  • Conjugation of antibody
  • Enzyme labeling of antibody
  • Filtration of antisera

Cocalico Biologicals, Inc. will not accept antigens that are pathogenic, toxic and/or carcinogenic.

Licenses and Assurance Number:

USDA Dealers License: 23-B-0028
USDA Research License: 23-R-0089

Animal Welfare Assurance No. D16-00398 (A3669-01)

If you wish to use our custom service, please complete the Project and Assurance Form (PDF) and return them to us with your antigen.

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