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Custom Polyclonal Antibody production made simple. . .

Producing high quality polyclonal antibodies requires the technical expertise that comes with many decades of experience; high quality, well maintained USDA inspected and approved laboratory animal facilities; and a dedication to properly caring for and handling the host species involved. At Cocalico Biologicals, Inc. we offer this and more. We have extensive experience with a wide variety of antigens including but not limited to bacteria, viruses, fungi, fusion proteins and synthetic peptides. There are a variety of host species available including mice, rats, guinea pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, bovine, donkeys and horses.

Our custom antisera production service is extremely competitive. Cost estimates for some species on a typical 91 day production schedule are as follows:    


  • Mouse $166.85 /each (includes 0.5 ml sera)
  • Rat $201.35 /each (includes 6 ml sera)
  • Guinea Pig $200.40 /each (includes 20 ml sera)
  • Chicken $268.50 /each (includes 50 ml sera)
  • Rabbit $353.45 /each (includes 100 ml sera)
  • Goat $1,234.15 /each (includes 900 ml sera)



These prices include the cost of the host species, daily care and maintenance for 91 days, 1 prebleed, 5 inoculations, 2 test bleeds, the volume of sera listed above and the disposal charge. Freight charges are not included. Please call for a quotation on your specific project.

If you wish to use our custom service, please complete the Project and Assurance Form (PDF) and return them to us with your antigen. Cocalico Biologicals, Inc. will not accept antigens that are pathogenic, toxic and/or carcinogenic.

Questions? E-mail technicalservices@cocalicobiologicals.com or call (717) 336-1990, fax (877) 357-7217.



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